Don’t know what the heck the Blockchain is? Watch this and you’ll know the basics in two minutes

Blockchain Basics

Many domain name geeks like me are starting to get more and more interested in Cryptocurrency. I have talked about Bitcoin and Ethereum on my blog in the past and I invest in both. While domain names are still my #1 investment vehicle and have been for a long time now, cryptocurrency is somewhere that I’m putting more and more of my investment dollars.

This topic came up recently via Twitter as Rick Schwartz brought up the point that domain names and cryptocurrencies are fighting for the same investment dollars. I can’t speak for everyone but I know this is true for me. Rewind two years ago and just about every penny I invested went into domain names, now I’d say about 60% goes into domains, 20% into cryptocurrency and 20% into startups.

For better or worse, amongst my family and friends this has slowly made me the guy people ask about cryptocurrency and blockchain. I usually respond by telling people, “I am far from an expert, it’s all pretty new to me so I’m also learning myself, but I do understand the basics.”

Still, I find myself trying to explain the concepts to others and there’s one video that I find I’m sending around just about every time someone asks me to explain Blockchain. The reason that I like it is that it keeps it simple, doesn’t go on forever, and gives people a foundational understanding without requiring a PhD. So here it is, enjoy!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton