Don’t forget .BIZ, .MOBI and Many More gTLDs Are Profitable…Just Not For Domainers


Ah the new gTLD debate, it dominates the headlines in the Domaining world now and for a very good reason. The domain world is changing and like it or not, it’s coming like a freight train and there’s not a chance it’s going to slow down. Think it’s a fad? Think again.

What has been interesting to me as this unfolds is how some investors are only looking at one side of the equation. I personally am a HUGE fan of the new gTLDs, I am really excited about them, just not as a Domainer. I think that the people who will make money with new gTLDs will be the owners of the gTLDs and the winners will be startups and small businesses all over the world.

Disagree with me? If you’re a Domainer I’m sure you do, if you’re a startup founder you might be jumping for joy…and if you’re running a gTLD I think you’re getting ready to ring the register.

We all like to call TLDs like .MOBI and .BIZ a flop but both actually represent very profitable businesses for the owners. Sure you probably won’t make much money buying and selling .BIZ domains but we’re talking about a multi-million dollar business for the operators.

The reason why companies like Donuts were able to raise hundreds of millions of dollars is not because PE firms thought that Donuts would sell millions of domains to Domainers, it’s because there’s a low threshold to profitability and the potential for them to own and operate hundreds of profitable businesses.

So next time you poo poo new gTLDs just remember, they really aren’t for you, stick with .COM that’s where the money is for Domainers, leave the gTLDs to all the people all over the world who are just starting to use the Internet and are looking to carve out their piece of it. As for big money being made with gTLDs, it’s going to happen, it’s just going to be the folks running the gTLDs who will do it.

Like what I have to say? Hate it and want to tell me I’m a complete idiot? Do it, that’s what the comment section below is for!

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton