Don’t Buy This Domain Of The Day:

So I’ve decided that I actually have a bit more fun talking about domains not to buy rather than domains you should buy. Since many new investors read my blog I’d also like to steer people away from the hype and common mistakes new Domainers make and teach them which domains to avoid. It can be all too easy to see bids on a name at a popular auction site and assume that means it must be a good investment, forget that, let’s get to the truth and talk about domains you shouldn’t buy.

Therefore this segment won’t directly make you money, but it will hopefully save you money which will free up more cash to buy good domains, sound good? Let’s get started with:

I think one of the top mistakes new investors make is buying domains with blatant Trademark violations. This is often done by mistakes as you might not know the rules, but not knowing the rules could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars if a major company decides to take you to the cleaners. You can hope and pray that you can just turn over the domain and say “I’m sorry” but sometimes this isn’t enough and buying any domain with a Trademark violation is a huge risk you should never take.

This domain currently has 56 bids on Go Daddy, who knows how many of these bidders are new investors looking to get in on what looks like a hot auction. Don’t let the number of bids fool you and don’t buy this domain.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton