Weekly Video: Domaining SEO Contest

In this episode of I discuss the details of my contest starting August 1st. The goal of this contest will be to get a domain name listed in the top three search results on Google within a two-month time period. Prizes will be announced next week!

In other news – don’t forget that the July Domain Bonanza is still going on – this month it is and you can get it, plus my book (a $50 value), and a 128×128 banner ad slot on my blog (also a $50 value)! I’ll be running this contest each month but this month I’m trying to start it out with a bang so put your bids now!

One more item I just had to discuss – is running a great contest which you can still sign-up for at This is a Domaining Video Contest and as you know I am a BIG fan of Domaining videos. If you haven’t signed-up for this yet you still have until July 31st to do so!

That’s it for this week and of course lots more available in my video!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton