Domainvestors Television Update

Okay – so my April Fool’s prank seemed to fool more people than I had initially thought as I’ve fielded a few phone calls this week from people congratulating me! So just to clear the rumors, no – Domainvestors Television has not been picked-up by ABC…yet. However the first episode is now deep in production so I thought I’d share my current progress along with what you should be expecting.

Expert Interviews: Interviews with Domaining and Affiliate Marketing professionals at Affiliate Summit, TRAFFIC Las Vegas, and DOMAINfest took place in Q1 2010. From that we now have 46 amazing interviews all in full 1080P HD! I have been releasing these weekly on my blog and iTunes via the Domainvestors Television Video Podcast. Bits and pieces from these interviews will be used in the first six episodes. These sneak-peeks I’ve been giving of the Interviews are really made just as a nice bonus for my blog readers and iTunes followers – I always want to keep you guys at the front-lines of what I’m doing!

Conference Spotlight: I have some great footage from Affiliate Summit, TRAFFIC Las Vegas, and DOMAINfest – each of these conferences will be given a spotlight feature on one of the first three episodes. Filming for the other three conference spotlights will take place throughout the year.

Domaining In the Real World: Our opening segment is meant to be very entertaining and unique – most of this will stay a secret until I launch the show 🙂

Timeline: Initially I hoped to have the show completed and into the second episode by now…however one thing I’ve learned with video is that everything takes MUCH longer than you would expect. Getting the right shots, editing everything properly, creating the music, graphics, etc. all takes a lot of time!

For me, I have always been focused on quality and especially with a project like this I don’t want to release it until it’s perfect! So when can you expect to see the first episode of Domainvestors Television? We expect to have the first version finished and out to the world in Q3 2010. The first episode or “Pilot” as they call it in Hollywood should make people want to see more episodes and hopefully inspire new investors to join our industry!

Sponsor: I will be having one sponsor for each episode and am excited to say that will be the sponsor for our first episode! Thanks to Oversee for believing in the project – I am certain we will look back on the first episodes years from now and say, “That’s where it all began!”

For all of my readers and viewers who have been supportive of the project – thank you – I strongly believe that I can help grow our industry and bring new investors into the community. This is only the beginning of the online real estate boom – and we’re all early!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton