My Latest Lead-Generation Site

This year I have been looking at ways to further diversify my monetization strategy. Affiliate marketing helped save my revenue as PPC declined but I’m always looking for better ways to monetize my traffic. I am far from being a lead gen guru and will definitely file these first few sites in the “learning” category. Over time I plan to fine tune these sites to better understand the elements of a successful lead generation site.

I have been fortunate enough to get some excellent advice and direction from Braden Pollock who was recently featured in a great article on The Domains. Braden is an incredible entrepreneur and has built-up a phenomenal business in a niche that he now owns both on and offline! It’s great to learn from an expert and I’m hoping that I can use lead generation to generate even more revenue with my domains!

As you can see from the image above – the site has three forms of monetization – lead generation, PPC, and affiliate marketing. I am still experimenting with different configurations and will be testing the site with and without all the monetization options. In general my focus is to have ads on the site that all provide roughly the same revenue. “Texas DWI Attorney” has a CPC of $30.05 on Google so Adsense can pay quite nicely in a niche like this.

For lead generation I have my lead capture form front and center on the first page – since the front page of a site is the one that will be seen by the most visitors it is essential that your lead capture form is on the front page. Before the form I have short text that hopefully will encourage anyone who reads it to fill-out the form and submit their information.

I have a separate page specifically for an eBook about dealing with a DUI. This is a technique I’ve used before and found a lot of great success with – a targeted e-product that solves the problem that your visitor has. In this case I make $22 for each eBook that is sold so this simple sales page could turn-into an excellent money-maker for the site.

The logo and header is something we’ve always paid very careful attention to at my company. To me this is what separates a generic-looking mini-site from a trusted information site. So many mini-sites just have a photograph in the header but no logo or header that really brands the company. In this case I look at as a business helping people find a DWI Attorney in Texas – so I want my visitor to see it as a business as well!

I will be continually adding content to this site so that over time it will become a compendium of information about Texas DWI law and resources.

Since this was just submitted to the search engines we still have a couple weeks to go until we’ll start to see some organic traffic and revenue coming through. As always I’ll continue to update you on how the site monetizes and what I learn along the way! Do you want a lead generation site? We build them for other people too!

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton