Domaining Trends: Why Hong Kong Should Be On Every Domainers Radar


There is a shift going on, you might not see it yet, but it’s happening – a strong interest is coming from investors across Asia and many of the top Domainers out there are cashing-in. If you attended a Domaining Conference last year then you couldn’t have missed this one – industry leaders got up and said, there is a very strong, growing interest in domain names coming from the Asian market, specifically China.

Sites like 4.CN have grown considerably in the past year and catering to investors that buy beyond numeric domains which was the original focus of the site. Short, brandable .COMs are hot and investors around the world are scooping them up, this is causing a shift as some of the best domains make their way to new homes, many of these in China.

Four CN

Hong Kong has been on the Domaining map for some time now especially with .Asia headquartered in the city. The .Asia organization has done a great job of raising awareness about Domain Names all across Asia, but like many companies choose Hong Kong as their home-base. Popular Domaining company PPX has offices in Hong Kong and there are a number of Domain Investors who call Hong Kong home.

So what’s the big deal here? The big deal, as I see it, is the great opportunity for the Domaining community to grow as a whole. There’s a great community of Domain Investors in Asia and we should all be working together, making deals, and growing the space. As savvy investors you should always be asking yourself where the activity is in the market and how you can network with people investing in the space.

So put Hong Kong on your radar if you haven’t already. It’s a beautiful city and might just be one of the Domaining capitals of the world soon, if it’s not already!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton