Domaining SEO Sunday: Speed Up Your Website

Domaining SEO

Here’s a concept that every SEO should know by now and Domainers interested in development should learn immediately – website load time impacts ranking. That’s right, Google doesn’t want you to just serve up great information to the zillions of people searching each day, they want you to do it quickly! Back in the 90’s when I started building websites everything was slow, and so you had to optimize like crazy, every image was scrutinized and compressed as much as possible. Well as Internet connection speeds got faster people got lazy, who cares if the image is 800K when it could easily be 200K, people won’t even notice!

Google has officially confirmed that they use website load time as part of their ranking algorithm. So if you’re building sites now or already have a heap of developed names, speeding up your site could give you a nice traffic boost. Search Engine Land did a great article about this that covers 29 ways to speed up your website. While I could rattle-off my own list theirs really kick ass so there is no need to recreate the wheel.

Some of the tips they mention that I really like are:

  • Using Amazon S3 to host images
  • Don’t go nuts with Flash
  • Get a high-quality hosting provider
  • Use as many static pages as you can
  • Write clean code

Hope you enjoy these tips – even using just a few of them could shave a few seconds off your load time which can go a long way! Okay now back to your Sunday activities, thanks for reading!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton