Domaining SEO Sunday: Getting Started with SEO

Every once and a while I want to circle back to the basics and help all the beginners out there get started with SEO. I just got back from DNCruise where there was a lot of interest in development and SEO from new Domainers entering the field. For beginners SEO can seem a bit like magic voodoo, however when you learn the fundamentals of SEO you’ll see that by following some basic rules you can build sites that rank and monetize well.

I’ve written a TON of posts about the basics of SEO and you are more than welcome to browse through my SEO category to learn SEO basics. Of course there are lots of great resources online to learn SEO and I thought I’d review some of my favorites with all of you. If you are really serious about becoming an SEO geek I highly recommend buying a copy of the SEO Book. This is the often considered the Bible of SEO and I learned some of my essential skills from the book some time ago.

If you’re just getting started with SEO I would recommend visiting all of the free resources below and bookmarking them at the very least. Each on of these sites offers great information, and best of all it’s free!

These guys know their stuff, and they build some really cool SEO tools. Along with great free content there’s some paid services that can give you a huge advantage in the SEO game.

This blog keeps you completely tuned-into the world of search, since SEO is all about search engines it is absolutely essential that you stay on top of the latest search trends.

Matt Cutt’s Blog
Matt works for Google and is the head of the webspam team. If you don’t know why you should read this blog hit yourself in the head with a shoe and then visit his site!

SEO Book
If you’re serious about SEO you need to read this book, I did and it’s become the foundation for my SEO strategy today.

Webmaster World
Great webmasters forum, this is a good place to rub shoulders with some of the more active folks online.

There are plenty of other great resources but these five should give you more than enough information to master the basics and beyond. Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton