Domaining SEO Sunday: eHow Hit in Latest Google Update

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has reported that despite surviving Google’s initial Panda update eHow has just been dealt a death blog by the search giant. Google’s latest update to Panda which was rolled-out on April 11th caused eHow to drop 66% in Sistrix’s visibility index. Many people in the Domaining community were surprised to see that eHow had not only survived the initial Panda update but was suddenly showing up as one of the top search results for a number of dominant search terms.

Even though eHow’s CEO Richard Rosenblatt touted a “great partnership” with Google back in January it now appears that partnership was short-lived. While eHow certainly isn’t full of terrible content it still falls under the “content farm” veil which Google sought to defeat with it’s latest major algorithm update.

Most people close to the company believe that even the Google team themselves were surprised to see that eHow remained relatively unscathed and in fact benefited in many ways from the initial update. The April 11th update rectified this situation and continued to tune Google algorithm and it’s move away from content farms.

So who came-out ahead in this latest update?

Sistrix has reported that,, are three of the biggest winners in the latest update. On the blog-side Mashable and the Huffington Post also came-out as winners in the latest update.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton