Domaining SEO Sunday: Do you Optimize?

As more and more Domainers get-into development I see a much needed skill being overlooked all too often. The confusion comes around the difference between putting-up a website and building a website that ranks well. Many people think that if you want to rank well in search engines all you need is an exact-match domain and a basic website with 5-10 pages of unique content. Wrong!

Yes – this used to work well a few years ago in some niches, and yes you can still make $30-$50/month with this strategy but if you want to play with the big boys you’ll need to do what they do. Think of just about any popular search term that makes money, credit cards, payday loans, you name it. Now take a look at the sites sitting at the top of Google, do you think they just threw-up a site and suddenly got all that traffic?

In most cases the companies sitting at the top of Google for highly competitive terms have one thing in common, great SEO and constant optimization. Most SEO companies start at about $1,500/month but for competitive terms many companies spend five-figures monthly on getting and keeping their ranking. Of course this is well worth it if a top spot in Google brings you 300,000 visitors each month and a million dollars in revenue.

Now getting back to the title of this post – do you optimize? The reason these companies are paying the big bucks is because the people doing their SEO are constantly optimizing and improving their rank every single day. As a Domainer – if you want to bring in five-figures or more per month on a domain that isn’t already getting traffic or revenue you have two options:

– Spend your own time every single day optimizing and improving your SEO

– Pay someone to do it for you

Building an online business is nothing like parking. You can’t just change your nameservers and watch the traffic come rolling in. Building a website is the starting block, it’s what you do from there that will turn your website into a business. If any of you would like an example of a great optimization project I worked on over the last few months make sure to subscribe to my newsletter and I’ll be talking about it in this week’s issue!

Now get back to enjoying your Sunday evening!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton