Domaining MBA Monday: 3 Mistakes Domainers Make After Midnight

Domaining MBA Monday

It’s 11:15PM over here in California which means it’s 2:04AM on the East Coast and no matter how you slice it, it’s late. As the night goes on you might find all of those pesky distractions of the day slip away, but you’ll also find your body slipping away at the same time. Many Domainers work at night and as someone that has worked many a late night and seen some late night mistakes I thought I’d share some common ones with all of you.

Always remember, what looks great at 3:00AM might not look quite as great at 3:00PM. Oh, and last but not least, do not drink and domain. What looks great at 3AM after a night out on the town almost certainly will not look as good when you wake-up in the morning.

If you are reading this post then there’s a chance you’re about to make one of these mistakes right now. Either way, wipe the sleep out of your eyes, pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee, and avoid these three mistakes:

  1. Buying an expired domain with a zero where an “o” should be – yes, this has happened to me…twice. Luckily I didn’t waste thousands of dollars but I did learn that a zero  and an “o” look very similar at 4AM.
  2. Listing the wrong domains for sale – all it takes is missing one letter and you’ve suddenly put someone else’s name up for sale. The only thing worse than doing this is watching it sell three months later and then scratching your head trying to figure out how that happened.
  3. Buying a typo thinking it’s spelled correctly – this happened to me a few times and it’s always painful to think you got a great name only to find-out you got a typo of a great name.
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton