Domaining and Thanksgiving

Like any market, domaining sees strong seasonal trends. With Thanksgiving today and Black Friday tomorrow the domaining market will enter a new cycle. As a domainer, the question you should always ask yourself is, "How will seasonality change my business?"

Forecasting your business can be challenging but learning from each year can help you better understand what to expect in the years to come. So what affect do you think seasonality will have on the domaining market this year? First it is important to take-into account the current economic conditions.

Right now the economy is down and domain prices have fallen considerably over prices earlier this year. It is hard for anyone to keep the doom and gloom reported on the news each day out of their heads. This means that as a domainer in general you must be more patient and better at targeting your customer. This is not a time where people will stumble-across your domain, you need to get proactive and actually "Sell" your domain!

With this in mind, how does Thanksgiving change the domain market conditions? The Monday after Black Friday has been is called Cyber Monday (See Wikipedia) and it's when consumers flock to the Internet to start buying Christmas gifts. As a domainer this means there are plenty of opportunities to make a play on this trend and change that seasonality offers. Any domain you own that has keywords focused on shopping or the holidays could see a great lift. Take some time to re-structure your site, optimize your content, and add as many forms of monetization as you can.

Don't take your eye off your other investments – just learn how to balance your time to focus on the domains that are the most pertinent in the current market. By changing your domaining strategy based on seasonality you can take advantage of what some call "luck" but I just call "good timing"!

Happy Turkey Day and as always – Happy Flipping!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton