DOMAINfest Global Starts Today!

Domainers have been pouring-into Southern California over the last few days and today is the day – DOMAINfest Global begins in just over an hour! My house has become the Domainer-pad as both Bruce Marler and Chef Patrick are staying with me for the week.

I will be filming for Domainvestors Television at DOMAINfest so get ready for some more great interviews on my over the coming weeks! As usual I will be doing my best to get the best and brightest in the Domaining world to share their thoughts on the industry and the year ahead. If there is a particular Domainer you’d like to hear from please feel free to comment below and I’ll try to get them on the program for you!

So what’s on the schedule for today?

11:00 AM – Pitchfest
Vote for the best domain name monetization.

1:45 PM – State of Industry by Oversee CEO Jeff Kupietzky

3:15 PM – General Session on gTLD’s moderated by Mason Cole

5:00 PM – Low and No Reserve Auction

There are some AMAZING domains in the auction today and I thought I’d share some of my top picks:

Of course there are plenty more great domains in the auction so make sure to attend the auction and bid on your top picks!

Here we go – my fourth conference in three weeks! It may sound exhausting but I can assure you I have more energy than ever. If you are attending the conference come say “hello” – I’ll be the geek with the camera surrounded by bright lights 🙂

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton