DOMAINfest Global – Day Two

The second day of DOMAINfest was a blast and gave attendees a chance to learn from the pro’s every step of the way! The morning started-out with two Structured Networking sessions – Domain Names and Legal Issues and Buying and Selling Domain Names.

The concept behind these sessions is great – get a group of experts together and let attendees pick their brains. Day three also features three sessions and I think these really represent the opportunity of a lifetime!

The keynote started at 11AM and featured Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos. Tony said that the key to running a successful business is having a good company culture and making customer satisfaction paramount.

Zappos runs their warehouse 24-hours a day which Tony said “is not the most economical way to run a warehouse.” However Zappos isn’t concerned with saving money on warehouse costs – they want customers to experience a “Wow” factor with each and every transaction. The example he gave is a customer who orders at midnight could end-up with their order siting on their doorstep at 8AM – that “Wow” factor helps create repeat customers and makes for excellent word-of-mouth business.

Tony emphasized the importance of culture and making sure that each employee hired fit-in with the rest of the group. They have a very unique interview process with an incredible focus on your interaction with the other employees and for executive hires attending BBQ’s and social events is a key to process.

I could go-on for probably another 1,000 words about the keynote but I’m trying to keep this post short and digestible…not something I’m great at doing!

After the keynote there was a beautiful lunch outside in the California sun! It may have rained on Tuesday but Wednesday you couldn’t have asked for much better weather. The lunch was well-organized with multiple food stations – I didn’t see any long lines and with plenty of tables there was ample seating and of course more great networking opportunities!

Following lunch there were two great seminars – Turning Killer Domains into Killer Websites and Domain Names: How Prime Internet Real Estate Builds SEO and SEM Success. It is seminars like these that can transform your business and having the show in January means you have the entire year to use what you learn!

At 6PM we all started lining-up to get on the buses that would take us to the Getty Center.

After fighting some wonderful LA traffic we arrived and took the tram up to the Getty. If you’ve never been to the Getty Center you should go…but nothing can match going to the museum for a private party – this is just another reason why YOU should be attending DOMAINfest!

The food was amazing, and artwork absolutely beautiful. The Museum staff was there to explain any piece of art you wanted to know more about and having access to the Museum in this way really is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Once again I find myself with no more time to write – it is 8:10AM – Chef Patrick is ironing-away, Bruce is making some tea, and my girlfriend is trying to get a few extra minutes of sleep while I bang on the keyboard like an orangutan!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton