DOMAINfest Global – Day Three

Day Three of DOMAINfest was action-packed with more incredible opportunities for networking, great domain deals, and of course – the famous Playboy Mansion party!

There were three different structured networking sessions:

  • SEO/SEM and Domain Names
  • Website Development Tips
  • New End-User Markets for Domain Names

These networking sessions provide a wealth of information and by having direct access to the experts you can get information that can help you take your business to the next-level. I spent some time hearing Michael Castello talk about and some of their secrets to success.

Following the structured networking, LAUNCHfest started – an event which gives entrepreneurs a chance to pitch their idea for one of ten premium domains. I was unable to attend this session as I had a busy interview schedule lined-up but make sure to read DNJournal’s coverage of DOMAINfest Day Three for details.

I had the opportunity to interview some incredible people on the last day including Chris Hartnett who was absolutely inspirational to talk to and definitely an interview you won’t want to miss! You can learn more about Chris and his incredible story at DNJournal where he was featured in June of 2008. Chris is one of those people that makes you feel inspired just being around him and I think we can all learn a lot from what Chris has done and his positive approach to the world and life!

After LAUNCHfest the Premium Auction began and in the end over $930,000 in domains were sold! You can see an exact list of what sold over at The Domains.

I personally think that for $215,000 is an INCREDIBLE deal – the name has a ton of potential and I hope the new owner puts it to good use in 2010! It was also nice to see sell for $22,500 – more proof that generic .org’s do have some nice value albeit significantly less than the corresponding .com! This gives me some renewed hope for which I am currently selling 🙂

Patrick, Bruce and I went back to my house a bit early to take a quick nap and get ready for our night at the Mansion! Oh and yes that is a stocking hanging-up still – we never got-around to taking down our Christmas decorations…and yes – the tree is still up too 🙂

The Playboy Mansion was AMAZING with phenomenal food, drinks, and of course some great conversations with other inspired Domainers! As you’ve probably learned by now I don’t post anything about nightlife so no juicy stories from me – let’s just say, what happens at the mansion – stays at the mansion…especially if we’re talking about Bruce Marler’s socks (I’m serious – his socks are still at the mansion!)

All and all it was an incredible end to a fantastic conference. I learned some amazing things that will help me take my business to the next-level, interviewed 18 people from industry leaders to new and inspired Domainers, and of course enjoyed the opportunity to connect with fellow domain investors.

I would like to give a special thanks to Jeff, Mason, Corinne, Monte, Jim, Susan and all the other wonderful people who helped make DOMAINfest such a huge success. It really was something special and I’m a bit sad it’s over…but the connections I’ve made and lessons I’ve learned are here to stay!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton