Domain Trends – Q1 Is The Hottest Quarter For Domain Sales, .COM Is Still King, Brandables Are In

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Domain Holdings released their report for Q1 2015 and with it comes some very interesting data from one of the most active domain brokerage companies. I have to hand it to Domain Holdings, they have no reason they have to release this data, they aren’t a public company, instead they do it because they are one of the most transparent businesses in the domain space and I applaud them for that.

In their quarterly report they shared some very interesting stats, some of which I already knew, like .COM is still the leader in domain sales, to other more interesting data like Q1 is looking like the hottest quarter for domain sales.

Domain Sales by Extension

75% of Domain Holdings sales were .COM followed by .NET and .ORG at 6.25%. Most of those sales went to buyers in the US or China. For those keeping score, China has been one of the highest growth markets for domain buyers which is also why I think extensions like .在线  (Dot Chinese Online) and .中文网 (Dot Chinese Website) are going to see some very nice growth over the next few years.

Sales by Category

Domain investors should also take note that brandable domains took the cake as the most-sold category of domain followed by one-word generics and letters and numerics. I’ve seen a massive uptick in brandable domains over the last few years and this is more data showing how much this market is really growing.

Thanks again to Domain Holdings for sharing this data – there’s a lot more that I didn’t cover on their site so if you want to dig deeper you can review the full report here.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton