Domain Roundtable 2011 – Day Three Recap

I can’t believe it but Domain Roundtable 2011 is over…it went by so quickly! I’ll be leaving for the airport in about four hours but wanted to make sure to give all of you the chance to see the incredible last day of the conference. Day Three was an absolute blast and one of the most fun days I’ve ever had at a conference.

While I took a zillion videos You Tube and the Bahamian Internet connection continue to disagree so I’ll be posting pictures today. The morning started-off with a great panel titled, Navigating the Domain Marketplace. Monte Cahn, Ammar Kubba and Craig Snyder shared their advice on sales trends and the best channels to sell your domains.

domain_marketplaceSome of the trends they emphasized were:

  • Seeing a lot more transactions in the $500 – $5,000 range (this seems to be where the most liquidity is right now)
  • More people willing to sell their names at reasonable prices
  • Domainers becoming more interested in Development characteristics when considering a purchase
  • Huge amount of interest coming from Asia
  • A lot of high-quality names showing-up in the drop market

After the first panel I took the stage and gave a brand new presentation I call Domain Development and Monetization – Shattering the Myths.

domain_developmentIt was an honor to speak at Domain Roundtable and I really enjoyed engaging the audience and keeping things fun and exciting…or at least I hope it was fun and exciting! In my presentation I talked about the five most common myths I hear every week from new Domainers starting to break-into development and monetization. Once I shattered the myths I set-up a clear blueprint for success.

live_auctionAfter my talk we had a short break and then onto the Live Domain Auction. In the end the auction was a huge success with over 50% of the names selling and the new Aftermarket platform performing flawlessly. I would like to give a huge congratulations to for putting-together an auction with reasonably-priced domains and a slick auction system that made it easy to follow-along with the action whether you were in the room or on the other end of the world.

morgan_bradenAfter the live auction we had a little downtime which I used to catch-up on email and put-together another blog post. Then at 7:30 we all reconvened for dinner and a traditional Bahamian Junkaroo Festival. The food was amazing and the location was really unique with huge fish tanks occupying the entire back wall of the room!

dinnerAfter dinner we all headed over to Aura, an awesome nightclub in Atlantis for the official DRT After Party hosted by Moniker and Snapnames.

aura_atlantisAs you all know by now I don’t blog about nightlife so if you want to be a part of the crazy Domainer parties…you’ll have to be here in person. Let’s just say that I did take-part in a dance-off, which I think I might have won 🙂 We’ll leave it at that!

I am exhilarated and inspired after what is honestly one of the most incredible experiences of my life. If you missed Domain Roundtable this year make sure you plan ahead and put it on your schedule next year – I can promise that you won’t regret it! Okay, now time to head to the pool and catch a bit more sun before I make the journey back to LA. Thanks for coming-along on the adventure!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton