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Hello, happy Wednesday, and welcome to the Domain Of The Day. Today I want you to look into the future, in a world where space has become accessible to all and helicopter tours are a thing of the past…I’m talking about:

Every time you buy a domain name you should be thinking about the time horizon you are expecting for a sale. Some names have great liquidity and make excellent flips, others are great names but take the right buyer. This is one of those names. I could see three potential buyers for this name.

One good fit could be a video game called Space Tours, however they’d have to really want it as many smaller game makers don’t seem to be too concerned about getting their .COM. A second buyer could be someone making a movie called “Space Tours” – you’d have to price it right though as film companies are famous for simply appending the word “movie” to the end of the domain and hand registering something themselves.

The third potential buyer would be a tour company that actually offers space tours somewhere in the future. Of course this one is a longshot but in a world where space tours are popular, this domain could become quite valuable. The question is…by the time space tours are popular will domains still be around?

What do you think?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton