Domain Of The Day:

It’s 11:30PM which means the day is not over yet, and that means that there’s still time for the Domain Of The Day. Today’s domain is:

This domain is an absolutely incredible name for a very specific buyer, a guy named Jason Jay. If your first name is Jason and your last name is Jay this domain would be perfect for your own person blog, portfolio site, etc.

As a Domainer I don’t think this name makes a great investment though., absolutely., definitely. Put the two together and you create an incredible narrow market and you’d really need to have stellar timing to make a reasonable flip. Sure, you could make a few hundred dollars but if you’re going for a more meaningful flip you have to hope that there’s a guy named Jason Jay out there that wants this name badly and has the budget for it, which in reality is not incredibly likely.

Still, like I said in the first sentence of my analysis this is still an incredible domain name, but only for a guy named Jason Jay who wants to own his first and last name .COM.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton