Domain Of The Day:

I got an interesting email from a reader the other day, he asked why I was writing about domains in this daily post that I didn’t recommend buying. The answer to that question is simple – Domain Of The Day is all about looking at how I analyze domains, good and bad. So don’t look to this daily feature for the next domain you should buy but instead just have fun reading my analysis and sharing your own with the world.

Okay so now onto the Domain Of The Day:

First things first, this is definitely a good domain, however I don’t personally see it as a great domain, and here’s why. Yes, you know what a Graduate Student is, and you might even know that the education space can be very lucrative. Here’s the catch, and there’s a few. A lot of the money made developing education-related domains is providing lead gen for places like University of Phoenix. This is typically someone who is looking to get a college degree, rather than someone looking to get a Masters or PhD.

Next up is the phrase itself, what would someone be looking for when they search for graduate student? They could be looking to find out how to become a graduate student, but they could also be searching for plenty of other things. It’s a very general term and with only 1,300 exact-match local searches there aren’t that many people searching for it.

Still, this is a solid name, it sounds good and is a meaningful phrase. As an investor I wouldn’t think of this as a good fit for development but it could have flip potential for an experienced investor that has sold domains to big companies in the education space before. As for a quick flip, I think not. Personally I would not buy this name, if I was buying a name in this space I’d want something like or, both which are much more specific and have double the search volume.

That’s what I think, what do you think?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton