Domain Investing Handbook Pre-Launch Pricing Ends Tomorrow!

On my 30th Birthday I announced my new book, the Domain Investing Handbook. The initial idea was to pre-release this on my blog and offer an introductory price that is $10 below the intended sales price. The results have far exceeded by expectations with some truly amazing feedback – here’s one of my favorite testimonials:

“This is more than just an ebook. It has become an investment that I referrence on a daily basis. Use this before you waste your time and money buying worthless domains. Morgan has opened the door for you, It is now up to you to walk thru…” (Steve Deara)

If you’ve read the book then you know it is completely different from any other book out there. Rather than painting a picture of an industry with unlimited potential with only a tiny investment needed, I tell the truth. After getting only a few pages-into the book you’ll see that I’m not telling you how to get rich quickly, instead I tell you how hard Domaining is and some of my biggest failures and what I learned from them.

Too often people enter this industry by reading books or articles that tell them how easy it is to make money with domains. It’s not easy, it actually takes a lot of hard work and this book was written for people that aren’t afraid to put in some blood, sweat, and tears to make money. There’s no free money in Domaining and any book that tells you it’s easy to make money with domain names or on the Internet really isn’t giving you the full story. Today is the last day you can get my book at the pre-launch price. Tomorrow I will begin marketing it to a broader audience and bringing the price up by $10. I’m not advertising this book on Domaining blogs and in Domaining forums – no, the target market is the end-user, people who don’t know about our industry, but want to learn more! While this is great for anyone getting started in Domaining I really want to help inspire the next generation of Domainers and get people stared the right way, with reality, rather than dreams that won’t come true.Okay, I just can’t resist sharing one more email I got from someone recently, it’s feedback like this that makes it all worth the 1,000+ hours I put-into making this book everything it can be!

I received your book yesterday and almost finished it in a day.  I am re-reading it again and will use it as I go forward in domaining.    To avoid information overload, I am only reading your blog and Rick Schwartz, along with the DNJournal.   If I can’t get it from you fellas then it isn’t meant to be. Thanks again for the great info.  Nothing but great content.
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton