Domain Investing Basics – Security

Tia Wood wrote a great post today for DotWeekly titled – Site Security for the Non-Tech Domainer.

This is an essential read for anyone – even if you are a techie – as there are lots of items discussed here that I think many Domainers overlook. It is absolutely essential that Domain Investors remember that your hosting accounts, registrar accounts, even your hard drives are your business! Sometimes it is easy to assume that if your computer is working fine and websites are up and running then you don’t have to worry.

Like owning a physical storefront, a virtual or online business needs to be kept secure. You wouldn’t leave your windows or doors open at night so why leave your software out-of-date or your domains unlocked? If you follow the steps that Tia has outlined in this post you are well on your way to becoming more secure. Later this week I’ll be creating a video for more advanced Domainers including topics like UNIX security basics, WordPress Security, and how to prevent domain theft.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton