Build a Mini-Site: Four Steps to Success

In this episode of I explain my four-step process for building a mini-site. When working on any development project it is always essential to break-down the process into digestible components. There are four main steps I follow when building a mini-site:

1) Research

2) Design

3) Content

4) Monetization

In the first step – Research – I do two different things. First I use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to better understand how popular my keywords are as well as related keywords. Next I look on Google and Yahoo and try to identify successful sites that rank well for the keywords I am optimizing around.

In the second step – Design – I look at the design of successful sites and determine what particular design elements are used that make them successful.

In the third step I use the keyword analysis from step one to write targeted content that will help my site rank well not just for the keywords in my domain but also the most popular keywords related to your keywords. This will help increase your search engine rankings much faster than if you just focused on your keywords.

The fourth and final step is monetization. The key here is to use multiple forms of monetization. Many people just focus on Google Adsense. While Adsense is great it’s important to use another monetization technique like Amazon or Clickbank products.

That’s it – these are the steps I follow to create income-generating online properties. Once you build a site you can sit back and let it build-up traffic and revenue over time. Don’t forget to tweak your design over time and add fresh content when you can. In the end you can have tens, hundreds, or even thousands of income generating domains!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton