Dogecoin is getting so popular, it even has its own branded water

While Bitcoin has been in the headlines constantly in 2021, unlikely cryptocurrency underdog (no pun intended) Dogecoin has become the talk of the town pretty much everywhere. Thanks to people like Elon Musk who are constantly singing its praises, Dogecoin is becoming one of the most talked about cryptocurrencies in the world.

So it should come as no surprise that more and more companies are starting to accept Dogecoin, from hotels to restaurants, and now products are starting to brand themselves around the crypto world’s latest hero.

Today I found out there’s a new company called DogeDrip ( that is making Doge-branded water, and before you call it ridiculous, you might be interested to see that there’s actually a pretty neat charity component to the idea. Here’s the scoop:

We are also quite informed about the increasing rise of cryptocurrency acceptance among people and this is behind our adoption of cryptocurrency as a payment method. We are actively involved in charity and for every 10 (6-Pack) of water sold, 1 Case (24-Pack) is sent to assist families across the world.(Source –

Of course I couldn’t help myself so I had to buy some…

Dogedrip Order

Having been to Colorado quite a bit I can tell you, fresh Rocky Mountain water actually sounds great, Doge-related or not. That being said, I am a Dogecoin fan, I’m enjoying what’s going on with it right now, and I think it’s awesome that DogeDrip has a charity angle to it.

So you can stay at a hotel, eat at a restaurant, buy bottled water, all with Dogecoin, and if Elon gets his way, in the future you’ll be able to buy a Tesla with it…but I think we’ll have to wait a while for that.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton