Do you use an app for WHOIS searches?

An interesting discussion started on Twitter about using a WHOIS app vs. a WHOIS service via the web. While I definitely am a pretty heavy app user overall, there are still plenty of things that I do on the web, and thanks to mobile responsive design it’s easier than ever to make a site that looks and works almost exactly like a native mobile app.

Here’s a look at the thread on Twitter which was started by Timothy Evans (@timothymevans) and hat’s off to him for getting the conversation started!


Timothy asked the question to a number of people including TheDomains, DNJournal, Domain Name Wire, Adam Strong, Elliot Silver, Michael Cyger, and me. Like I said above, while I do use apps for a lot of things there are still plenty of services that I use on my phone via their mobile responsive site. I’ve been a DomainTools user for a long time now and their mobile responsive site probably looks exactly what a native app would look like.

Adam Strong, a long time Domainer (he’s been doing this a lot longer than me) said, “call me old school but I don’t need an app” and I think I’m probably in the same boat. I was surprised (and pretty impressed) that Michael Berkens ( uses the Terminal app on the Mac – that’s pretty badass IMO 🙂

Here’s a snipped of some of the responses, you can view the full thread on twitter here, or by clicking any of the images in this post.


So I’ll keep the conversation going. Do you have a “go to” app for WHOIS or are you old school like me and Adam who stick to good old Domain Tools?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton