DNBlogs.net Members Page Posted – Are You In?

I launched DNBlogs.net on October 22nd and am excited to say we have sixteen members already on-board! If you missed the launch details please click on the link above for more information.

Today I released a Members Page so you can see which blogs are part of the network. The idea here actually comes from an advertiser I was talking with this weekend that said, “you should really publish a list of who’s in your network so I don’t have to email you and ask.” So – as you all know I’m a big fan of taking constructive criticism and thus the “members” page became a reality.

If you haven’t yet joined DNBlogs, I’ll tell you why you should and in just one sentence. You should join DNBlogs.net to connect with advertisers and other bloggers – it really is that simple.

We are building the first-ever centralized database of Domaining blogs with actual stats from the domain owners. Since advertisers are oftentimes looking for a particular profile, i.e. blogs with “x” number of visitors, or a PageRank above “y” – we can easily match them up with compatible blogs.

I’m a big fan of social networking and it’s about time we had a blog network for the Domaining community. So if you’d like to keep your focus on writing great content – we’re happy to find advertisers and manage the monetization-side of blogging for you!

Join DNBlogs.net today and thanks to all those bloggers that have already come on-board – we’re happy to have you!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton