DNBlogs.net Is Now FREE!

So I’ve already received a fantastic group of blogs that have joined DNBlogs but there are still many that have not come on-board yet. My goal with this service really is to be a network of every single blog in the Domaining space – not just the ones willing to pay $5/month so I have good news – we’re making it FREE!!

For those who don’t know what the heck DNBlogs even is – let me explain! DNBlogs.net is a blog network focused specifically on Domain Name blogs. The idea is simple – we connect bloggers with bloggers as well as bloggers with sponsors.

To join DNBlogs all you have to do is fill-out the form on our site and then answer some simple questions we email to you after you’ve signed-up. The answers you provide will help us best match you with potential advertisers.

Inspiration from this actually came from my own blog. I spend a lot of time focusing on getting great content but must balance this with finding good sponsors as well. Advertisers have the challenge of trying to collect relevant information from the Domaining blog space to determine which blogs are the best fit for their marketing budget. I hope to give Domaining Blog Owners the chance to put all their focus into content while we help match them with qualified sponsors and other bloggers.

So if you have a blog about Domaining and you’d like to connect with other inspired bloggers as well as get some excellent sponsors then come join DNBlogs.net – it’s free so you really do have nothing to lose!

Of course for everyone who already paid you’ll be getting your money back with interest! (just kidding – not interest – but you will get your money back!)

In the future I plan to launch a premium version of the service but no matter what I will always have a free option. Customer satisfaction is key and I know making this free will make everyone happy – right?

So go forth and blog – focus on great content and let DNBlogs.net keep you connected!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton