Describe Domaining in One Sentence

As you may know I am launching on the iTunes store this March. In the first episode I want to be able to describe Domaining in one simple sentence. Then I thought to myself, well who am I to sum-up Domaining in just one sentence, let’s hear what the community has to say! Domaining may mean something different to each of us but I’d like to find a way to describe it that anyone can understand.


Now you might just want to fire-back, “Domaining is the process of monetizing and selling domains.” That’s fine for all of us geeks that know the word Monetizing (which most word processors show as misspelled!) the average end-user doesn’t. In fact, the people watching this television show might not really fully understand what a domain name is…a little more challenging now?

So step right up and share your sentence!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton