Coming Soon – BitZee Blog Network

Since my blog readers have been my biggest supporters since the very beginning I’ve decided to make this information available on my blog before Twitter, Facebook, or any of the other social media services that I use.

I will be launching a new service in October of this year called the BitZee Blog Network – available at The idea behind BitZee is simple – BitZee will allow blog publishers to advertise their content and brand across a network of similar or related blogs. So what does this mean?

Well I don’t want to give too much-away because I do like the element of surprise. That being said – I want to give my blog readers more than I have on the actual BitZee site – so here’s some of the juicy bits.

BitZee will be a network of blogs that will work together to promote each other. This will not be a service open to any and all blogs but instead will focus on blogs that meet a particular criteria. The goal here is not to leave anyone out but instead to focus on people that are providing frequent updates and fresh content within their niche. The BitZee Blog Network will allow blog owners to promote their blog(s) without having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in advertising fees thus leveling the playing field so everyone has the opportunity to get noticed.

I’d like to think of BitZee a bit like a talent agency for blogs. If BitZee finds an incredible blog that is undiscovered – our goal is to share this content with the world and help a great blog become even better. With literally millions of blogs online, services like Technorati are limiting since they end-up focusing on the top 100 blogs making it hard for the little guys to get noticed.

No matter how itsy bitzee your blog might be – BitZee will help connect your blog with interested readers and related blogs. That’s all I’m going to say for now – sign-up for the BitZee Stay-Informed list to receive the latest updates!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton