.Com vs. .Net vs .Info – The TLD Showdown

I recently found a great study comparing .com vs. .net vs. info sales. This is very useful information for determining the realistic selling price of your domain if you know what the corresponding .net, .info, or .com sold for. In general the results were very much along the lines of what I was expecting. Below is a summary of the results from the entire study with a sample of some of the comparisons used.

.Com vs. .Net: On average a .net will sell for 12% of the price that a .com will sell for.

.Com vs. .Info: On average a .info will sell for 2% of the price that a .com will sell for.

huge.com $106,050
huge.net $3800 3.58%

sex.com $12-14M
sex.net $454,500 3.50%

freecellphones.com $60426
freecellphones.info $165 0.27%

casino.com $5500000
casino.info $20899 0.38%

Chinese.com $1,120,008
Chinese.net $180,000 16.07%
Chinese.info $37,111 3.31%

So how can you use this information to benefit you? Well just hop on over to DNJournal.com and take a look at their domain sales page. Here you can see if any domains sold for which you have the corresponding .net, .info, or .com. You can then use the average to get a ballpark figure for what your domain is worth.

If you can’t find your name on DNJournal, you can always use NameBio to type-in your name and see if any corresponding TLD sales are available. This can be an essential tool when trying to figure-out the always difficult question of, "How much should my domains sell for?"

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton