.CO is putting together some pretty awesome micro-documentaries for Global Entrepreneurship Week 🌏

In case you missed the memo, last week was Global Entrepreneurship week, the largest celebration of Entrepreneurship in the world. To give you an idea of what a big event this is globally, over 35,000 unique events were scheduled last week with over 10M entrepreneurs worldwide participating in them.

Since .CO has been a go-to domain extension for entrepreneurs for almost a decade now they decided to do something special to honor this global celebration. Here’s the scoop:

To showcase the incredible impact that the .CO top level domain has had on the global startup community, we commissioned a film crew to crisscross the world filming short micro-documentary interviews with .CO community members in some of the cities with the most thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems, including: San Francisco, London, Bogotá, New Delhi, Melbourne and New York City. The interviews feature the stories of the founders behind some of the most interesting new startups, early stage ventures, and emerging powerhouse brands. (Source – Go.co)

The campaign featured seven companies from around the world – here’s who was featured:

Lori Anne Wardi, the VP of Branding for Neustar Registry Solutions shared her excitement for the campaign:

“We are so excited to launch the We Run on .CO campaign, highlighting the inspiring community of creators, businesses and brands who are building their ideas on the .CO global platform, More than a web utility, Colombia’s .CO TLD has become a dynamic, global digital brand – a platform where the brilliant ideas of a thriving community of innovators and entrepreneurs are coming to life each and every day.” (Source – Lori Anne Wardi, Neustar)

The new micro-videos from .CO will be released over time on their website at Go.co. I had the chance to go through all the different startups featured above and there are some really cool companies highlighted here, I’m looking forward to seeing the videos. Congrats to .CO and all the amazing entrepreneurs that call a .CO domain name home, there’s definitely good reason to celebrate!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton