ccTLDs Take The Spotlight In Last Week's Domain Sales

Last week five out of the top ten domain sales were ccTLD domains. While there weren’t any huge six-figure sales on the list, the fact that 50% of the top ten sales were ccTLD domains is very significant. The ccTLD market has been heating-up and it is now clear that the buyers are out looking for deals.

Here is a list of the top ten domain sales from last week compliments of DNJournal:

  1. – $75,000
  2. – $64,000
  3. – $54,150
  4. – $54,000
  5. – $52,500
  6. – $42,000
  7. – $31,500
  8. – $25,000
  9. – $24,000
  10. – $22,300

So why is this so significant? I think this is a clear sign that investors see the incredible potential in the ccTLD market and know that now is a great time to buy-in at a low price. While many Domainers have been hesitant to get-into these Domains due to limited short-term re-sale value, investors with a long-term vision are jumping on-board…any quickly!

In any industry when you see a bunch of people moving in a direction that previously has not been very popular…it usually means you are getting closer to the tipping point. While I still think we are 3-5 years away from seeing exponential growth in the ccTLD market the deals are out there and savvy investors are making their move.

I’m a big believer in ccTLD’s and have built-up a nice portfolio of ccTLD domains across over 14 extensions. I’m a big believer in .in and and while Indian domains still haven’t made the big-board, neither did .de or .fr a few years ago. For those who think they missed-out on the big-money opporunities with .com – remember, it’s still early and ten years from now I can promise you people will say, “I wish I got-into Domaining back in 2009!”

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton