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I’ve decided to do another side-by-side test of Sedo vs. Afternic. A while back I took a look at the difference between Sedo and Afternic’s HomePage Featured listing. Sedo generated more traffic to the listing by a longshot.

This brought-up the issue of traffic quality. Some people from Afternic wrote-into the blog to explain how their system differs in the type of traffic each domain gets.

The question is a valuable one to answer: do listing upgrades increase the likelyhood of selling your domain name?

I’ve designed another experiment, this time with two domain names: and Both of these are great names that I’ve decided to make available at a lower minimum offer price than usual. This will hopefully encourage as many bids as possible so that I can compare Sedo and Afternic on the number of bids the listing receives on top of just traffic (my previous name was a high-priced fully-developed domain –

This time we will be able to better understand how the number of visitors corresponds to the number of bids made on a listing. We will clearly be able to see if, with less traffic, Afternic can indeed encourage more bids through higher-quality traffic. Sedo, oftentimes challenging as your name becomes a needle in a haystack I’m sure will be able to attract more visitors, but it will be interesting to see how many bids it generates.

Both and will be category featured for one month with both Sedo and Afternic. I’ll report updates on a weekly basis and give a full report of my findings at the end of the month. I hope that these experiments can help new domainers make educated decisions before spending money on listing upgrades.

Stay tuned!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton