Case Study: Comparing 5 Different Domain Sale Page Options

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I’ve been talking a lot lately about Domain Sales Pages. If you don’t know what these are, they are the landing pages that can be put on an unused domain name, often instead of a parking page, to let people know the domain is for sale.

The reason I’ve been talking about this more frequently is because both parking and mini-sites have gone the way of the dodo which means that if you want to do something with your domain names that generates revenue, it’s going to be a sale, not monetization.

While I know this might be a controversial thing to say, I’m not afraid to say it since I wouldn’t want to mislead new Domainers into thinking that they can buy domains, put up a site or a parked page, and just sit back while the money comes in, that’s just not realistic any more. What you can do is give your domains the best chance of selling, which means making sure anyone that goes to your domain name sees very clearly that it is for sale.


Of course, not all Domain Sales Pages are created equal and I think it’s time to do a deep dive comparing the top five options. Here are the five services I’ve decided to compare:

  1. Uniregistry/Domain Name Sales
  2. Afternic
  3. Efty
  4. Undeveloped
  5. Flippa

While I know there are more options out there I wanted to pick what I thought the top five choices. Before I get started let me know if you think there’s someone on this list who shouldn’t be there, and if so who they should be replaced with?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton