Case Study: Building A Credit Card Offers Site With DomainApps

In March I did a post about Domain Apps and some testing I will be doing with the platform. Domain Apps lets you build full-scale content sites using their platform and plug-in apps to add functionality or monetization options to your site. Like any platform I think you get out what you put in. You can’t expect any of your sites to rank well in search unless you do the same things you would do with a normal website. So that’s exactly what I’m doing and here’s what I’ve done so far:

DomainApps Site Type

The first step is adding domains to your account or creating content sites out of the domains you have added. Like I said, you really get out what you put in so bulk adding thousands of domains probably isn’t manageable unless you have the team and/or budget to do it. Any site you expect to rank well in Google and build-up traffic over time needs to be a real site. This means having custom, unique content written for the site, a good backlink profile, and something that keeps people coming back. I will be investing $100/site into content and SEO and think that this really is the bare minimum you should spend on building and launching a new site.

I’m always surprised when people expect these platforms to magically rank their domains in Google with no work or money on their part. You can build a great site and treat it like any other site, the advantage of a platform like this is the incredibly simple interface and apps architecture that allows for very quick site creation.

DomainApps Credit Card App

The Credit Card Offers App is a great example of an app that makes building what would otherwise be a fairly complicated site, very very easy (yes that’s two very’s on purpose!). All you have to do is add the app to any site that you are building and boom, Credit Card Offers will appear on your site. No writing code, no signing-up for affiliate programs, it just works. Setting-up each site is also very quick and you can specify all the options you’d be looking to tweak right-off the bat in a platform like WordPress.

DomainApps Add Site

As you can see, things like Title, Meta Keywords and Meta Description are easy to create and you can even note that the domain is for sale if you’d like. I always like to add this to any of my mini-sites or developed brands that are for sale, otherwise most end-users don’t even think to email and find-out. Next you will see Homepage Articles, Related Articles and Stock Articles. I have these in right now but soon will be switching to nothing but custom unique content that I am currently getting from Media Piston.

DomainApps does have some SEO services built-in as well which I’ll be using as part of my $100 investment in each of these development projects.

DomainApps LinkBuilding

The concept of free really shouldn’t come-into your mind when you’re developing a site. Instead you need to think of the investment you are making and look at the development process as part of the investment. If you buy a domain name for $3,000, why would you not spend at least $100 to build it out? Too many people want a bulk solution, something that just gets all their domains developed and ranked for no charge. That doesn’t exist, this is investing and these platforms can work if you use them to build real sites, with good quality content, and useful features.

I plan to break-down the $100 investment per site as follows:

  • $30 – Three 350-word custom-written articles from Media Piston
  • $19 – Directory Submission (10)
  • $40 – Sponsored/Guest Post on related blog
  • $11 – Two Marketing/Link-Building Projects on Fiverr

Below is a screenshot of what the site looks like now, you can follow my progress live by simply visiting As you can see I instantly have a site with credit card offers on it. Once it is customized and has some nice well-written articles on it then it really can be a useful site.


I will continue to provide updates as I move forward. Of course I’ll be pluggin-in Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools so I can track my progress every step of the way. Also, for those who like this case study, I have parallel studies happening with Epik and Protrada that are also launching this week! Stay-tuned, more to come!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton