Can You Guess The Best Day Of The Week For Blog Posts?

Not all days are created equal. Some may say that Thursday is the new Friday (and they might be right) but when it comes to blogging specific days yield very different results. One of the metrics that I’m always paying close attention to is social shares since I get a lot of traffic from Twitter and Facebook. You might be surprised to find out that when it comes to social, Tuesday just plain sucks and Thursday is awesome.

Below is some very interesting data compliments of shareaholic showing the best days to blog based on social shares. I personally blog every single day but I can say that this data is almost spot on with what I see with the exceptions of Wednesday and Thursday being switched for my blog.


Of course there are many different ways to slice it and pageviews is another metric that is pretty darn meaningful:


As you can see, when it comes to pageviews Thursday isn’t actually as hot as you’d expect, in fact it down right stinks. Monday and Tuesday take the cake followed by Wednesday. I find Wednesdays tend to be my highest pageview days but it does vary quite a bit based on the articles that I write.

What the data does show is a severe lack of correlation between great days to share content and great days to get lots of eyes on your site. Here’s why I think this makes sense. On Monday and Tuesday people are getting into the swing of things for the week, they are reading but they aren’t sharing, it’s the beginning of the week and they’re working the hardest. As the week winds down people are getting into weekend mode and they aren’t reading as much but they are sharing since that’s quick and easy especially from a smart phone.

What do you think? Does this data surprise you? What it does show is that there is no “best” day for blog posts in general, but there are particularly good days for social shares or pageviews, but they certainly aren’t the same.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton