C.CLUB, HJ.CLUB, JS.CLUB and More Hit The Auction Block Later This Month

.CLUB Auction

It’s no secret that two and three character domain names have risen in value over the years. This is due in part to scarcity but more because of a fundamental shift in focus and interest from businesses in acquiring short, memorable domain names.

This month popular new domain extension .CLUB will be holding one of the largest auctions of two-character domains and with starting prices that should be accessible to businesses that might otherwise not have the budget for domains in this category. Along with twenty-four two-character domains .CLUB is adding C.CLUB to the mix, one of the most premium new gTLD domains to hit the auction block this year.

According to a recent press release from .CLUB,

This auction, to be held on the Chinese EachNic.com platform, marks the first time .CLUB Domains, the Registry behind one of the world’s most popular new domain extensions, is offering this set of domains in a public auction format. The domain inventory included in this auction has been hand-selected by the EachNic.com team to specifically appeal to Eastern and Western businesses and investors alike. Auction bidding starts as low as $5,000USD for the majority of two-character domains, making them accessible for businesses of all sizes and budgets.

The auction will be held on the EachNic.com platform, one of China’s first professional domain investing websites boasting over 400,000 registered members. The first auction kicks-off on October 29th, below is a full list of auctions, start times, and opening bids:

Domain Reserve Start End
HJ.CLUB $5,000 USD 29-Oct-2015 1-Nov-2015
JC.CLUB $5,000 USD 29-Oct-2015 1-Nov-2015
YM.CLUB $5,000 USD 29-Oct-2015 1-Nov-2015
JS.CLUB $5,000 USD 29-Oct-2015 1-Nov-2015
GZ.CLUB $5,000 USD 29-Oct-2015 1-Nov-2015
PC.CLUB $5,000 USD 30-Oct-2015 2-Nov-2015
YX.CLUB $5,000 USD 30-Oct-2015 2-Nov-2015
QC.CLUB $5,000 USD 30-Oct-2015 2-Nov-2015
DK.CLUB $5,000 USD 30-Oct-2015 2-Nov-2015
PK.CLUB $5,000 USD 30-Oct-2015 2-Nov-2015
ZS.CLUB $5,000 USD 31-Oct-2015 3-Nov-2015
CG.CLUB $5,000 USD 31-Oct-2015 3-Nov-2015
SQ.CLUB $5,000 USD 31-Oct-2015 3-Nov-2015
KF.CLUB $5,000 USD 31-Oct-2015 3-Nov-2015
ZI.CLUB $5,000 USD 31-Oct-2015 3-Nov-2015
YC.CLUB $5,000 USD 1-Nov-2015 4-Nov-2015
DS.CLUB $5,000 USD 1-Nov-2015 4-Nov-2015
YQ.CLUB $5,000 USD 1-Nov-2015 4-Nov-2015
ZQ.CLUB $5,000 USD 1-Nov-2015 4-Nov-2015
TB.CLUB $5,000 USD 1-Nov-2015 4-Nov-2015
C.CLUB $50,000 USD 2-Nov-2015 5-Nov-2015
JD.CLUB $10,000 USD 2-Nov-2015 5-Nov-2015
PJ.CLUB $10,000 USD 2-Nov-2015 5-Nov-2015
LY.CLUB $5,000 USD 2-Nov-2015 5-Nov-2015
GW.CLUB $5,000 USD 2-Nov-2015 5-Nov-2015

I’ll be keeping my eye on this auction, with domains like Wine.club selling for $140,000 this year it is clear the market sees real value in .CLUB domains, and as you can see from the list above, there are some truly exception names available in this auction that could see major interest from a wide range of companies.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton