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BuyDomains, one of the most popular domain name marketplaces in the world has just done a major overhaul of their platform and it looks good, really good. I am always impressed by companies that listen to their customers and continue to iterate and improve over time. Since most of the work I do is with startups who have little experience with domains, I’ve heard many a complaint about how confusing domain marketplaces can be.

The general consensus (among the startups and VC’s I work with) is that many domain platforms look like sites designed in the 90’s and sadly perform the same way. When you look at popular marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Zappos, etc. major changes are happening all the time, this is what consumers are used to and have come to expect.

With their latest iteration BuyDomains has made a big move and a move that I know as a developer, is a major undertaking given the amount of traffic and transactional data that they deal with on a daily basis.

One of the biggest improvements that I think really helps with the ideation process that many startups go through when picking a domain name is the new search results screen:

BuyDomains Search Results

What I really like here is that they now make it easy to find similar names and then can click on “View More Like This” to find similar domains. One of the requests I hear a lot from startups is a list of domains by category and BuyDomains has a really nicely designed category page that now makes this easier than ever:

BuyDomains Categories

These features are just the tip of the iceberg and there’s a lot more under the hood when you take a deeper dive into the new BuyDomains site.

After talking with some of the folks at BuyDomains I learned how much they take feedback into consideration and how user behavior helps to drive innovation. I can now say with confidence that this one of the best online marketplaces I’ve ever used, period. As an Afternic customer it is awesome knowing that my domains will be available to buyers all over the world through the new BuyDomains platform, in essence my own sales listings just got better.

If you haven’t taken the new for a spin I highly recommend checking it out. Startups looking for domain names will definitely love the new platform and a lot of the ideation tools that come with it. On top of that I always recommend NameFind, another great tool by BuyDomains that is great for picking a domain if you don’t have one in mind already.

Hats off to the entire BuyDomains team, I know this took a lot of time and energy to put together and as a user on both sides of the equation I can tell you I am one happy customer!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton