Breaking: Twitter Taps Facebook’s Goldmine – Adds Mobile App Install Ads

When you use the Facebook app on your phone there’s a good chance you’ve come across ads for apps. Often the app is free to try and you click one button and it’s on your phone. While you personally may have never clicked on one of these ads, a lot of people do, and Facebook makes a fortune off of them.

Just in case you’re in the 1% of people who read my blog but aren’t on Facebook, here’s what they look like:

Facebook Mobile App Ads

Now Twitter has decided to get in on the action. Today Twitter posted an announcement on their blog – mobile app install ads are coming to Twitter.

We are excited to announce new ways for marketers and developers to drive app installs and app engagements using our new mobile app promotion suite: both on Twitter, and off-Twitter through thousands of mobile apps that use MoPub’s mobile advertising exchange. (Source – Twitter Blog)

Here’s a first look at what the new mobile app ads on Twitter:

Twitter Mobile App Ads

I think this is a great move by Twitter and it’s going to add a very nice revenue stream to their ad business. The battle for mobile advertising is only just beginning but it’s clear we have three players that are getting ready to duke it out, Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Of course, there’s plenty for everyone to share, but what fun would that be?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton