Breaking: Efty announces support for large portfolios is just around the corner

If you happened to catch today’s Domain Sherpa show, a bit of news was broken that I think a lot of Domainers are going to be pretty happy about. Efty just announced that they are going to be adding support for large portfolios soon. A large portfolio in this case means Domainers who have 5,000+ domains.

I’ve talked quite a bit about Efty in the past but in case you need a little refresher, Efty is one of the top platforms in the Domain Investing world for managing, marketing, and selling your domains. They did a UX update a little bit ago that IMHO really took the platform to the next level. I often explain to people that Efty is like a “dashboard for your domains” – you can view lots of important details like how much you paid for a name, when it expires, name servers, etc. Here’s an example of the main dashboard:


On top of all this, Efty has a great library of landing pages that are easy to customize so you can get custom for sale landers on your domain names. Here’s an example of one of them:


Efty also lets you build your own custom marketplaces so if you’ve ever wanted a site with all your domains on it, Efty can make that happen. I think this feature is going to be particularly interesting for large portfolio owners who will essentially be able to open full scale domain marketplaces given their portfolio size!

So if you have over 5,000+ domains and have been itching to use Efty, it sounds like the wait might be over very soon. I know that there is certainly quite a bit of additional complexity when it comes to supporting this on the backend so hats off to the Efty team for making this move.

I’ll make sure to update everyone once this goes live so stay-tuned!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton