Black Friday Domain Deals On


I’m going to try something new this year and offer domain deals directly on my blog for Black Friday. I am going to open submissions up to you, my readers, but since it is Black Friday I have a rule, you can only sell domains for a maximum of 2x what you paid for them.

What? Only doubling your investment? Yes, I know it’s hard to believe in the domain world that you’d only make 2x but try to come to terms with it. That means I’m expecting to see lots of domains listed for $20, $50, $100, etc. You can try to lie and pretend you paid more but I’ll do my best to look and disqualify anyone trying any funny business.

Also to keep things clean I’m going to make some very simple rules, all of them can be found below and any names not meeting this criteria will be removed from the comment stream and promotion:

  • Domain name(s) cannot be sold for more than 2x what you paid for it
  • Domain name(s) must be a one, two or three word .COM
  • Domain name(s) must not be expiring in 2013
  • No adult domains
  • No dashes
  • Maximum of five submissions per person

Any comments that don’t meet this criteria will be swept away into the ether, those that do meet this criteria will be published on Friday. My commission, 0%. So pick a couple of names and let’s make Black Friday a day for some Domainers to get some nice quick liquidity and offer some good deals for others who are buying. Note: I will be buying and selling myself.

Ready to rock? Submissions start now!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton