Bitcoin is currently $13,550 but if you buy on CoinDesk it’s going to cost you $600 more

I’ve seen a delta between the actual price of Bitcoin and the price that CoinBase charges, and like many people have mentioned before, CoinBase charges a premium. Today though, that premium is the highest I’ve ever seen with Bitcoin selling for $600 more on CoinBase than the current price according to CoinDesk.

Here’s the current price of Bitcoin according to CoinDesk:


And now here’s the price taken at the exact same time on CoinBase:


Like I’ve said many times, I’m definitely far from being a Cryptocurrency expert so maybe I’m missing something here but it feels like a $600 price delta is pretty ridiculous. My guess is that with so many new investors jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon many of them won’t notice…and maybe that’s what CoinBase is betting on, still it feels like I’m missing something.

Is this the product of the incredible volatility of Bitcoin right now or is CoinBase trying to make an additional profit as Bitcoin declines in price?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton