Bingo – Protrada Nails It With Updated Search Data

I was a fan of Protrada even before they launched. The company reached out to me a couple of months before they were ready to launch the platform and after giving it a good trial I told them that I didn’t think it was ready for primetime. The interface was beautiful but the platform was slow and the lag killed it for me.

I expected them to say, “Thanks for your feedback” and launch anyway, but they didn’t. Instead they continued to work with me on an almost weekly basis, refining the product. A few months later the platform was nice and fast and Protrada had clearly done their homework and listened to feedback from other people in the space.

So I started using the platform and while it was much improved from v1, it was still missing one killer feature for me, accurate search data. It was a bit sad for me because I loved the platform but search volume and CPC is one of the most important parts of my buying decision. What I found myself doing was what I had always done, using the Google Adword Keyword Tool to research names which meant all the cool automation I wanted to do with Protrada, couldn’t happen.

It was one of those situations where you love the company, love the people, but can’t actually use the software because it’s missing one critical feature that makes it a deal-breaker. That’s why I was so excited to get an email from Troy (Protrada’s Founder) with news that they now have the latest search volume data and it has been integrated into the platform this week. You can see the new search volume in the far right column in the screenshot below:


Now I can finally make the filters I’ve been dreaming of and as usual I’ll be showing all of you how I build them so you can do the same. I’m all about automation, how can I take things that I either pay someone to do every day, or that I do every day and put it on autopilot. Time is an incredibly valuable thing and tools like Protrada make it easy to automate buying, selling, and monetizing domain names.

Stay-tuned, as usual there is more to come!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton