Bing Updates Autosuggest Feature

Remember Bing? Yes, Google has now become a verb and nobody searches online they just “Google it” but Bing is still alive, kicking, and adding new features. Bing still owns 16.5% of the search market and while it is massively dwarfed by Google, 16.5% of all searches is still a whole lot of traffic.

Bing Logo

Back in May Bing updated its Satori entity engine (source TechCrunch) to feature profiles of celebrities and influencers and to better handle natural language searches like “How many people live in California?”

Now Bing is turning the technology crank once again with another update to their engine which now includes Movies, Brands, Animals, etc. This means that you can actually triage a search gone wrong in realtime and get a preview of results before even hitting the search button, a feature that Google’s incredibly popular auto-complete feature doesn’t have yet:

Bing Autocomplete

So how does this impact you? Probably not very much since just about everyone uses Google, but, if you’ve wanted to give Bing a second chance this might be a good time to check it out.

Here’s a great question how many of my readers use Bing?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton