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As an Engineer I’m a data guy. I’ve always been a data guy, and for good reason. When someone tells me, “this new product does, this, and this, and this.” I usually say, “great – show me!” I base most of my decisions on data so when .CO launched I was excited about the TLD but I didn’t have any data about how a .CO site would rank.

So I decided to collect my own data. As many of you know I launched in July of this year, actually a day after the .CO launch. You can read more about the launch here – My First .CO Site Is Up! Announcing

The site has been running for about a month and a half now so I’m starting to get some good data on how quickly and well .COs can rank. I have had Google Webmaster Tools installed on my site since the day I launched and have been keeping a close eye on my rankings.

Right now I rank for a total of 196 terms with a few in good positions and most still buried deep on long-lost pages in Google. Still for under two months I’m impressed with how quickly Google indexed the site and how many search terms the site is ranking for.

Below is a screenshot of some of my rankings from Google Webmaster Tools organized by Average Search Position. Remember, every person searching Google gets different results which is why you absolutely have to use a tool like Google Webmaster Tools to track your ranking.

Traffic on the site is still low with a total of 218 unique visitors in the last month, 47 coming from Organic Search. As you know, or should know, you really have to be on the first page of Google to get traffic. Right now I’m on the first page for some very low-volume search terms.

Since Google does have me indexed for a total of 196 terms it is now my job to focus on 2-3 good keywords I really want to rank well for and optimize around those. Remember, this isn’t a little mini-site I’m putting together, this is an actual blog that I’m writing and developing into an online business. As I continue to update the site and build the business I’ll continue to update all of you, of course if you’re a BMW fan like me you can visit the site yourself to get some exciting BMW news! More updates to come!

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton