Beware of fake comments on domain blogs

Don’t believe every comment you read on domain blogs. While many do come from real people who are commenting as themselves, lately there has been an increase in “fake” comments where a scammer impersonates someone else.

The latest victim is long-time domain industry veteran and NamePros admin Eric Lyon, here’s what he shared recently about the fake comments:

I enjoy commenting on blogs and I do it frequently but someone is also posting controversial/critical blog comments as “me” that I would never post. They’re putting my name and as the poster of these problematic comments.

For those who know Eric you know he’s a super positive guy and a great contributor to the domain industry. If you see a negative or strange sounding comment from him on a blog…it’s probably not really him.

This is the complexity with blog comments today. Anyone can comment as anyone, all you need to do is put in a name, email address, and throw in a website and you are, well, anyone.

It’s up to us as bloggers to do our best to spot these fake comments and filter them out. Just like all the fake news we’re plagued with today, sometimes it can be hard to spot a fake though so it’s pretty challenging to make sure that every comment comes from someone who really is who they say they are.

Still I’m going to be increasingly vigilant on my blog and encourage other bloggers to do the same. Now this doesn’t mean removing negative comments, I welcome these and people should always feel free to express themselves whether they have something good or bad to say about something I’ve written.

So as I’ve said for years, comment and let your voice be heard…just be yourself!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton