Are you at WEBfest? Don’t Miss The Above And Beyond Promo!

If you don’t know, you should, and if you’re at WEBfest you should get your butt over to their booth before the show is over because they are doing something very special this year. It’s called the Above and Beyond Promo and it is one of the most creative promotions I’ve ever seen a company run, and one that I think everyone in the show should participate in.


Here’s how it works. is actually giving away domain names with traffic and revenue and the domains will load into your new account at Above immediately. Let me say this again, Above is giving away domain names that have existing traffic and revenue.

One of the names that I got as part of the promo currently makes $34/month parked and I can see all the history as if I’ve owned the name for years. Once you have these domains loaded into you can easily load your other names into this system and you don’t have to worry about changing parking providers, but you can let Above optimize your names which in turn could make you even more money than your making right now.

Some domains monetize better with specific parking services as the Parking Manager makes it easy to test with small amount of traffic to determine which names are best suited for each service.

If you’re at WEBfest you’d be crazy not to take part in this promo, free domains with traffic and revenue and an account you can use to increase your revenue on your existing names. Hats off to Above for creating such an innovative promotion and thanks for the additional $500+ in free parking revenue/year.

So get your free domains before the promo ends, supply is limited so make it happen before the show is over. Oh, and when you do come back here and feel free to share what you got!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton