Are you afraid of a world without parking?

Let’s face it – the domaining world is changing forever. Whether you like it or not domain investments will be defined by the value of what is actually on the domain itself more and more. This has scared many domainers and caused them to quickly put-up their entire portfolios for sale as they watch their parking revenue go down the tubes.

Many people who have read my book comment on how it has helped them gain a fresh look at what domain investing really means. They have been buying domains, parking them and waiting for the money to come, only to find their investments aren’t quite as valuable as they initially thought. I have impressed upon these domainers through my book and hopefully through the blog as well that any domain can become a valuable piece of online real estate – but its going to take some work.

This is what many see as the bad news. Stock investors like buying companies that they think are going to do well – they look for companies with good management and hard-working salespeople. Many stock investors that dabble in domaining have looked for the same thing – keywords that will perform well and do the work for them.

Times are changing and we are transitioning into a period where domainers will not only have to be investors but also business owners. For the part time domainer this will take moving domaining from a part-time hobby to a part-time (or sometimes full-time) business. The good news is that those who put in the time and energy – success will come.

If I told you before the Internet was created that and would be major websites you might say – why would someone visit a site called CNET? What the heck is a wikipedia? These domains made a business that is now recognized and typed-in by millions of people all over the world.

At Linton Investments we have taken the time to buy some great keyword domains but also some excellent domain names that we too want to turn-into household names. While we might not get millions of hits yet – we know that in time we can turn many of our domains into successful businesses. Now is the time to take off your parking hat, roll up your sleeves and get ready to get your hands dirty – it’s a whole new world and you can be successful too!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton