Anti-theft Software Cool Enough For James Bond


I’m a big Bond fan and the gadgets are definitely one of the reasons why. This weekend I found a piece of anti-theft software for the Mac that actually makes me feel a bit like Bond…while Mac owners like myself don’t have to worry as much about viruses, it’s easy to forget that you’re carrying around something that thieves absolutely love.

Apple’s anti-theft solution is the Find My Mac feature available through iCloud. The problem is, thieves can disable it and it’s the first thing they’ll look to disable. On top of that there isn’t much you can do to catch the thief outside of hoping the GPS location stays up-to-date.


Enter Undercover, a very slick piece of theft recovery software for the Mac. In short, Undercover does all the cool stuff you’d want to do if someone stole your computer. Here’s how it works, you install Undercover on your Mac and then track it through a dashboard on their site.

Like iCloud’s Find My Mac you can access this dashboard from any computer, tablet, or iPhone directly from the browser.

Undercover Dashboard

If your Mac is stolen the software begins taking photos and screenshots at a regular interval, then it starts logging keystrokes. That means you can very quickly find-out who the thief is emailing, login and password information for their Facebook and gMail account, and just about everything else you would want to hand to the police.

To make it simple, Undercover actually puts all of this together in a nice tidy theft report. Most-likely you’ll never have to use the software, but if you do, you’ll be glad you have it.

Photo Credit: Profound Whatever via Compfight cc

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton